Wednesday, May 6, 2009


     Something you should know about me.... I hate anything repetitive.  I am not even sure hate is a strong enough word.  Anything that is done over and over and over again, makes me want to run through a glass door.  It gets under my skin, grates on my nerves, and so on and so forth. Clicking the end of a pen, tapping a pencil, singing the same thing all day, repeating the same phrase, etc...  You get it, right?

     Kids are repetitive by nature and my husband is still a kid in that sense, so among the 5 of those people who live here, I spend a lot of time saying, "That's enough." " Quit doing that, please!"  "Stop!"  "Do that again and I am going to break your arm!"  "Or rip your head off and barf down you neck hole."

     Ok, that last one... I've never really said, but I have wanted to. 

     See, I walk in the Spirit!  Ha!

     You get the picture!

      Have you ever heard of the bird Bobwhite?  Well, a" bird person" will say the Bobwhite gets his name from his call/chirp/tweet (whatever you want to call it).  You have to use your imagination, but the call sounds like he's saying "Bobwhite Bobwhite!"  Click here and you can hear a clip of the sound.

     Well, my Gracie was watching some show on TV and this guy was imitating the Bobwhite.  So, for days and days Gracie walked around doing her own version of the sound.  She would say, "Bobawhite Bobawhite."  Somehow, she put a short a in the call.  Bob a white.

    She was getting on everyone's nerves with the whole Bobawhite Bobawhite call, not just mine.

     Well,  we were in the car heading to someone's house for dinner (a pastor from a local church and his wife who will probably be Shelby's 6th grade teacher should we send her to school next year.) and Gracie was repeatedly doing her Bobawhite call.  

     "Mom, please make her stop!", Jackson and  Shelby were yelling from the back seat.  

     I had had it too!  So, in a voice that can only be used by a mother, I said, "Gracie!!  I mean it!  Don't say it again!  If you say it again, you are not watching American Idol tonight!"  

     They know I don't make idle (idol) threats.  (haha!  That was so funny idol, idle...... get it!)

      SO, we rode along in glorious silence for a few minutes.  As we were approaching our destination,  it was time for a little speech.

     "Now listen, you guys need to behave.  Use your manners.  Say please and thank you.  And, eat what is put in front of you.  I don't care if you don't like it, don't say anything, just eat it!"

     Gracie asked, "What if it's fried Bobawhite?"

    Bwaaaahaha!!!  Hahaha!    Hahahahahahahaha!

     Maybe you had to be there... but we all died laughing!  

     P.S.  She was still allowed to watch American Idol that night:-)

     Bobawhite Bobawhite!



Darja said...

hahaha the idle threats thing made me laugh so hard.
"Or rip your head off and barf down you neck hole." hahahahaha

Darja said...

p.s. you posted that at 6AM?? was emme up again?

The Gang's Momma said...

So, you got your mini-me there, huh?! LOL - she's a quick one, I'll give her that :)

Sharla said...

That was too funny! Gracie must be pretty precocious?!

I so know what you mean about repetitive noises...Nick is a tapper, beater, thumper and it can drive me CRAZY!!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

That's the funniest thing I have ever *heard* your write...oh my gosh I'm cracking up!!! And I could totally hear her say that!!
I'm the same way...if there is a time where I am close to saying a swear word outloud, it's when I hear things over and over and usually it's one of the kids...AHHHH!!
Funny Nate usually doesn't care, he's so laid back. But the other day he said if he hears and sees Emma do *Pop It Lock It* one more time he's going to lose it. Now that is saying something! She now knows the whole routine and feels the need to do it where ever we office lobby, parking lots etc...where ever their might be an audience!
Our girls, I'll tell ya!!

gnangle04 said...

I'm fearful now of doing anything repetitive in front of you. (:
Or maybe, just maybe, I'll do something and test to see just what you'll do. Hmmmmm.

Funny story!

TCKK said...

You're cracking me up. Can I use the "rip your head off and barf down your neck hole" line on my kids?

Jenney said...

Hey! Where is the Bidet-no toilet paper post??? My blog says you posted something titled that...and then when I click there it says it doesn't exist. I can only imagine your thoughts on bidets. You've got me very curious...oh, and to top it off your google ads is for "Enviro Toilet" I see a theme here.

Tony and Rett said...

"Rip your head off, and barf down your neckhole?" OH MY GOODNESS. You are something else! Thanks for the morning laugh. I needed it!