Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shelby's 11

     When I went to find pictures of Shelby for this post.... this is what I found.  I cracked up!  Apparently, in her free time, she makes use of the Mac's camera built into the computer.

     Last Wednesday, Shelby turned 11.  It's hard to believe 11 years have gone by, but I feel like I have really enjoyed her.  I have enjoyed all her ages so far.  Oh how I would like to say that for the next 11 years!  One of the things I pray for all my kids is that they would love the Lord their God with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind.  If this is true of them, then everything else will be taken care of.  

     I said  for each of my kid's birthdays I wanted to write down some things I love about them.  Here's Shelby's list:

     1.  I LOVE that Shelby is a performer.  She always has been.  She was made for the stage.  I haven't fully immersed her in any area of the arts because a) I want it to be for her and not for me and b) I am afraid once it starts, it will never end.  I know she is special and I have wanted to keep her all to myself for as long as possible.

     2.  She is very teachable.  She has been very easy to homeschool as far as academics are concerned.  In other areas, take soccer for instance, we will give her some advice before a game and she will go out and do exactly what we told her to do or give it her best shot anyway.

     3.  She laughs at my mom and I.  Who doesn't like to think their funny?  She thinks I am really funny.  Besides that, we have the same sense of humor.  It's good bonding to laugh at the same things.

     4.   She loves the Lord and loves to read about the Bible.  She is very sensitive to spiritual matters.

     5.  She can sing!!  And, I may be partial, but I think she is really good.

     6.  She loves to research.  If she wants to learn about something, she knows how to get it done.  She might enter a vocal contest in the area this summer.  So, she decided to actually like something her sister likes and pick a Taylor Swift song.  (By the way, have I mentioned Taylor Swift concerts sell out in about 2 minutes??)  She wanted to play the piano and sing.  She looked up some tutorial and can now play the song... with one hand so far anyway.  She sounds great too!!

     7.  She's a leader.  But, being a leader also means she's bossy.  So, we have to talk often about great assets being great weaknesses.  (I have told her on more than one occassion she'd be the first one kicked off Survivor.)  (We always have a good laugh about it!)  I'd rather her have to figure that out any day, than have her be a follower.

     8.  When I knocked the cup of hot water out of her hand in February and she received 2nd degree burns on 14% of her body, she calmed me down.  She wanted me to quit crying.  And, to this day, she reminds me it wasn't anyone's fault.  Character is like a tube of toothpaste, when the pressure is on what's inside comes out.  She's a pretty good tube of toothpaste:-)

     9.   She can keep a secret.  She has known about Gracie's birthday present for months now.

     10.  She is very creative.  She's always coming up with some kind of plan for something.  If she doesn't do something with music or acting, she will be some kind of event planner.  In the last week alone, she has had a neighborhood spa.  She conducted interviews for employees and hired people.  (There is always a lead balloon in her ideas... the kids who don't get hired are devastated.)   Anyway, there were pedicures, manicures and massages.  Jackson gave the massages.  He asked me if I wanted one.  Of course... I did.  So, he told me to lay down on a towel on our concrete driveway and he'd walk on my back.  Sounded more like Chinese torture to me.  I passed.  She is also working on a Friday night theatre in our basement.  She has a list of movies, prices for admission and prices for refreshments (that's another word I hate by the way... click for post about words I hate.)  I have to be careful how much I play along.  One year she told me she was having a Prom at our house.  The next thing I knew... all the kids in the neighborhood showed up.  They were in their best dress expecting dancing and pizza.  At that point, I had to go on with the show...

    With Shelby... their is never a dull moment...... and I LOVE IT!!  

    I am blessed to call her mine!



momto4girls said...

Love the pics, they are priceless! I too have an eleven year old and I am loving the age...mature enough to help a LOT, converse with, make good decisions, but still able to have fun playing and goofing around.
How's the car hunting going? I have no good advice, as our major financial goof-up has been our car purchases! Impressed with your self-control!

gnangle04 said...

Shelby is a great girl! One-of-a-kind(in a good way, of course). I have always loved talking with her, she's intriguing. You are doing a great job raising her. Be proud.

And I love the pictures!!

Darja said...

i can't wait till shelby sees these pictures. she's gonna KIILLLL you.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

She cracks me up!!! Happy Birthday Shebly, we love you!!! Your mom reminded me( not that I really needed a reminder, ykwim) why Madelyn enjoys being around you, you are a wonderful example to her and I'm so glad you are friends.

Jenney said...

I remember Shelby as a little little girl toddling around in Chuck's. One of my favorite memories of her was when she found a small piece of styrofoam on the floor and announced to my table that it was a suppository and it goes in your bottom. I thought I might choke I was laughing so hard...and she was maybe 2. Happy Birthday!

Abby said...

I love Shelbs...from the moment I first laid eyes on her in Chuck's cafeteria. Since then, it has been non stop dance routines, choreographed performances, NFL half time shows, you name it...and guess what? ALL FOR FREE! What a treat! Of course, her most recent comment to Steve, "WHAT IS THAT YOU ARE WEARING? GOING TO WORK OUT?" is enough to make me her best friend for years.

BECKY LYNN said...

I will never forget the popular little girl she was at Cedarville....whenever you would see a crowd of girls ooing and aahing, without a doubt Shelby would be in the center of the crowd :)

Rachael said...

Ok, I said what I love about Gracie so now I need to go back and say what I love about Shelby. Shelby is the bomb... she is one of the most fun kids I have ever met. She is imaginative and creative and full of love. Her laugh and smile is contagious and you find yourself wanting to be with her again after she has gone. Shelby is original and I want to get her autograph soon because I know she is going to be famous and I want to be able to say " I knew her back when". :) You always know what Shelby is thinking and I love that about her... so refreshing. I am happy to say I know her. :)