Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reality Bites

     It's been a tough week for me.  A tough week in the reality TV world anyway.  

     Hey, when you're a mom to 4 and you homeschool, it's a safe escape.

     It started going downhill Sunday night.  Margie and Luke didn't win the Amazing Race.  Instead a brother and sister team won.  They are both lawyers.  I really, really wanted the deaf young man and his mother to win.   Aside his being the Bionic Woman,  he loves his mother so much because she learned to sign so she could communicate with him.  (Can you imagine having a deaf child and not learning to sign?  Apparently, it's not the norm to learn.)  Despite a very large lead, they finished 3rd.  I cried.  Is that normal?

     Monday all of 24 didn't tape because our DVR was full.

     Tuesday, Helen won the biggest loser.  She's the only one I didn't want to win!  She sent her own daughter home off the show so she could stay.  She was always witch like to me after that. Now she's a svelte 117 and her daughter is still pleasantly plump.  Jerk!

     Wednesday on American Idol, Danny got voted off.  Are you kidding me?  I still haven't recovered from David Archuletta losing last year.  They should have just stopped the AI competition a couple of weeks ago.  They having been crowning Adam Lambert the winner for at least that long.  Adam and his screeching voice.  Makes my ears bleed.  Plus I feel violated every time he looks in the camera with "that look".  AI produces couldn't stand the fact that 2 Christians might be in the finale!!   GRRR.......  They have totally bent the show in Adam's favor. Don't get me started.

     Tonight, on Survivor, I am sure Coach, who named himself  "The Dragon Slayer" will somehow win immunity tonight and then take the million on Sunday night.
     I hate reality TV right now.

     So, tomorrow I am getting out of here and heading to Pittsburgh.  I am going to visit my baby brother.  Ok, he's 31 now.  And, he's a surgeon.  And, his first baby is due July 4.  I still can't believe he can put bones back together.  I still see this 6 year old little boy who used to break all his GI Joe men... on accident... because he was a bit rough.  How can he possible fix things like bones now?

                        My favorite picture of my baby brother, Damon and Gracie.

     A baby shower is being thrown for his baby on Saturday.  So, all the girls are making the trip.  I got the new little man several things, but these are my favorite things.

      My friend Jeni has a shop on line.  You should head over and look at her little shop.  I promise you will love it.  Http://  If you need a unique baby gift, she should be your woman.

     So have a great weekend!  GO KRIS!!  (You are my only hope!)


amy said...

my hubby bathes our daoughter on thurs so i can watch survivor. after she was all tucked in and he joined me in front of the tv, i caught he up by saying "i am BEGGING them to send coach home - i might not watch the finale if he is in it *gasp*"

so glad they did so i don't have to folow through on that one. :)

Bayliss72 said...

haha i think pittsburgh is the city of brotherly love, not philadelphia. After all, pittsburgh is where all the brothers are! Have fun visiting your brother! Mine graduates from pitt law today! yay!

Tony and Rett said...

I'm Erin on Survivor--uh, I mean in our pool at she HAS to win! And Coach? he's LONG GONE! WHOO HOO!

Have fun this weekend!

gnangle04 said...

I have not recovered from Helen or Danny. so don't get me started.

Have fun this weekend!

Jodi said...

I am totally with you on your reality tv fix, so don't feel alone. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Kris! Adam gets on my last nerve - eyeliner & black nail polish - not to mention the "scream of death"! Take care and enjoy your weekend with the ones you love!

Amy said...

Did you know that you could go to and watch 24? I have stopped taping it now. It is awesome:)

Joy said...

I crown you QUEEN of the Reality Shows.

Joy said...

April you are the Queen of American Idol. Kris owes you a back stage pass!!!!