Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

     Memorial Weekend will be memorable all right, but not for great reasons.  

     We haven't had any air conditioning in our van since last year.  Thankfully, it was heading into winter so it didn't really matter.  This spring, when it started getting a little warm outside, I decided to have my dad take a look at it.  He took a look... it lasted 3 weeks.  It wasn't his fault.  Apparently, getting to the problem meant taking the dash apart and then putting it back together.  Thankfully a church in the area let us borrow their van for those three weeks.

    When I got it back, it worked on our way to Pittsburgh... even on Fort Pitt Road (See previous post).  On the way home, it decided it wasn't going to work again.

     I took it back to my dad Sunday night and he said he was going to put some dye in it and try to find a blockage.  What in the world?  Is this open heart surgery?

     It didn't work even after he added 3 cans of refrigerant.  He then proceeded to tell me that I needed 4 new tires, new shocks and a rack and pinon (Sp?).  

     This is a match even the Queen of Google is not cut out for.  I told him to forget it!  I am not going to put that much money into a 10 year old van with 130,000 miles.  He agreed.


     In the meantime, he told me to take it easy in the rain.  I have little tread on my tires and one could blow.  Ummm... excuse me?  

    So, we are in a quest to find a new van.  We have no idea what to do.  We have never even considered buying a new vehicle, but there are some great deals out there.  Clark Howard said that deals on new cars haven't been this good since 1979.  

     To be honest, I am not even sure we are in a great financial position to buy a car.  I HATE decisions like this!

     Therefore, I have totally given it to the Lord.  I have prayed for wisdom.  I have prayed for guidance.  I have prayed and asked for His provision.  Sometimes I HATE situations like these... but other times.... I LOVE them.

     I think it's pretty exciting to be dependent on God completely and then watch him work.  Afterall, if he own the cattle on a thousand hills, he owns all the Honda Odesseys and all the Chrysler Town and Countries, right?

     Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.  Any advice from all my friends and lurkers out there?


Sharla said...

Hi...we got a GREAT deal at CarMax! It was the first time we tried them and I would look there first for all of our cars in the future (distant future since we drive them till they fall apart!). We won't buy new cars because they depreciate so much the minute you drive them off the lot... Dave Ramsey says it's like throwing $5000 out the window (paraphrase, not an exact quote!)

Praying He turns one of those cattle into a safe car...


Chubby Baby Designs said...

Oh I know your pain, again and again...we have THE worst luck with vans! HOWEVER, God has blessed us for our endurance?? maybe??
The Honda O we have right now we got for about $3000, new transmission included! Yes, it has died multiple times in the past few months, but that's beside the point :)
Joe got us a deal...ask him if he knows of anyone wanting to sell...he knows people :)

stephi6watkins said...

We don't ever buy new cars either April but in July 2003 we got an 04Toyota Sienna (really early) and we LOVE IT!!! It is still a NEW VAN to us and we have had it 6 years. I can honestly tell you it is the most favored car I have ever owned. Including my little sports car back in the day before children. Maybe because it is really practical for us. My in laws have an Odyssey and love it as well. We considered an Odyssey but the tow package wasn't as good. That is my 2 cents worth. God will provide.

Jenney said...

I totally 100% agree with Sharla in that Dave would say "no" to a brand new car...they do depreciate at an incredible rate. However, if you can get a 1-2 year old used one it should last a long time. We refuse to do anything but outright pay for another car, never will have car payments again, but we have been blessed to get to use a relative's car until we have the4 cash. Because I am guessing you don't have a relative moving to Africa for 4 years who wants you to drive their car, you'll just want to find a deal!
We got our Chrysler Town and Country at Dave Dennis Chrysler in Fairbron and liked working with them. We L O V E our Town and Country, and I am not a van girl... I look nerdier than I already am in it...but I digress. My in-laws have the Honda Odyssey and I'm not impressed...although I don't drive it obviously, from a backseat point, it stinks. Except it has cool window shades that pull down...but I don't think anyone should buy a car for the window shades.
That's my 2 cents plus $5 worth...

Anonymous said...

A guy at FBCV goes to teh Ohio Auto auctions in Columbus and gets really good deals on returned lease vehicles. Dad's bought over 1/2 dozen cars through him... with the current repo rates it might be worth a look at auctions. You can finance you just have to go with financing in hand... Sales go below bluebook and most are at the 3 - 4 year mark... although older and newer are available. That's my only two cents...good luck!

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider a Kia Sedona. They seem to be a better value for the money than the Odyssey or Siena. 2007 models and later, that is. They have the highest safety rating, a 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Also, they (Castrucci, around the Dayton Mall) are running a special until or through June (not sure) of $5000 off a new one.

Darja said...

who is dave ramsey and how does everyone know him except me?

Jeremy and Jeni said...

MY HOnda Odyssey has 190,000 miles on it! I love that van. The worst part was the marker on the ceiling from one of my kids. I used Oxyclean and now it is wonderful again...well, except for the carpet. I will drive it until it dies. Can you believe 190,000??? It better not die soon b/c I just got 4 new tires.

I hope you find a great deal!

The Gang's Momma said...

I drive a Honda Odyssey, 2004, and have NEVER. ONCE. REGRETTED. buying it new. We had little alternative at that time, and the financing was perfect for our budget. It just goes and goes and goes. Maintenance has been a breeze and the Honda-Care plan that it comes with has saved my neck quite a few times (locked keys, flat tires, etc.)

Even with 7 of us, we have adequate room and packing is a piece of cake with that awesome well in the back. I. LOVE. MY. MINIVAN!

One more adoption and we'll be in the market for a bigger one. I will be sad to see it go.