Wednesday, May 20, 2009



     For all you Kris Allen Fans.........  First of all, WOOOHHOOOOO!!!!  

     Secondly, you're welcome because... I put him over the winning edge.  I think I voted... um... approximately 1000 times.  Paul says my life motto should be: Anything worth doing is worth over doing.  (He thinks he is so funny!)

     Finally, I can now come out of mouring!  Reality TV is over and it ended on an awesome note.  Good triumphed over evil just as it will in the final days. (Please note:  I do not think Adam Lambert was evil IN ANY WAY!  On the contrary, I think he was a very kind, humble young man.)  The overall tone of his singing seemed dark to me... therefore good trumped evil.  I mean, you do have to admit.... Adam looked like an angel of darkness tonight.  What in the name of tarnation did he have on during that KISS song.  And KISS... between them and bikini girl....FAMILY SHOW, HELLO!!  That girl has no shame!

     So, I'll be back tomorrow.  I've got plenty to say!



Gina said...

I knew you'd be so happy! I was glad too...Adam just isn't my style. I kind of watched the show but it all seemed so ridiculous to me that I ended up fastforwarding the whole thing to get to the end. But I did catch a little of Bikini girl (YUCK) and Kiss (SCARY!) and thought of your poor kids! Hope you had a good trip!

Jenney said...

Well as soon as I saw your title of "Woohooo!!!!!" I thought to myself "Something good must have happened on American Idol last night". I don't watch it, but I am in tune with the world enough to know that it was on...and that you love it!
So glad that toilets are off your blog and appliance repairs have replaced them...after all you are the google appliance repair queen!