Monday, August 17, 2009

Chicago Part II

Part II of our whirlwind tour of Chicago....

Shelby is obsessed with watching cake making shows. One of the shows features Cake Girls out of Chicago. So, in the midst of an air show and the flood of Cub fans leaving the game around this part of Chicago, we were on the hunt to find the Cake Girls store. And find it, we did. The things we do for our children... the traffic was unbelievable. All we did was drive by. Totally worth it.... when you're 11.
Family Tattoo.... for real? Are there families that go and get tattooed together?
There's a Thunderbird!

I do not know where the mental block occurs but me and maps DO NOT get along. The funny this is.... I LOVE MAPS! I seriously could look at them all day long. And, I love geography. But, put me in the passengers seat and ask me to read a map AND get the driver some place... and... it's over. I am pretty sure Paul is always ready to divorce me in these high stress situations. I just can orient myself with the map. I need to always be heading North to read it. Really, if I just did the exact opposite of what I think I am supposed to do, I think I'd be fine.
I love pictures like these. What does that say about me? Never mind, don't answer. By the way, I like the alley not necessarily the dumpsters.
This is 3 of my children on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Doesn't it look like a sweet innocent little ride? Well, it wasn't! Why? Because I am in the story and if I am in the story, there is ALWAYS a situation.

So, there was this drunk couple behind us in line. You could smell the alcohol a mile away. Their voices were slurred as they announced that we had the most beautiful children and so on and so forth as we waited to board. They were seated in the car behind us, this drunk up-to-no-good- couple. They were early to mid thirties and once inside their little car... they got busy. It was going no where good... oh, but it was going somewhere. Without going into a lot of detail so I can keep my blog PG-13... once we were on the down swing of the ride and no one could see inside their car... I am pretty sure, ok, well.... positive that they did "the deed."

And, that's all I am going to say about that!

My children after riding a XXX ride. They look like they lost their innocence, huh? Actually, only the oldest really got it.

We were not able to leave Chicago until about 9 pm. We drove straight home arriving in our driveway at 2:30 am. It was a short, unforgettable trip. We could have stayed, but I didn't want to get up and.... you know, do all it takes to get every home. And, we had to get home.

Some of our favorite people in all the world were in town visiting from Nashville, TN. We never miss an opportunity to hang out with them.
As much as I don't want to say this... poor Jackson was sick with a fever so he was cold and wearing his robe. One of my two favorite men in all the world in the above picture called him Hugh Heffner. SICK! Why did I laugh so hard at that?
I don't ask. I just do what I am told to do. They thought they were so funny!
Ryan and Chelsea Jones. Are they an ugly couple or what? Seriously, two of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Ryan married Chelsea about 15 months ago. We don't know her like we do Ryan.... but we know she is special. Because there is NO ONE like Ryan Jones and you have to be equally as amazing to snag him. He is one of the most personable, genuinely polite, engaging gentleman you will ever meet. I am not kidding. You have to spend a few minutes talking to him to understand, but once you do... you'll never forget him. I think he's on his way to do big things. I'll fill you in as they unfold. It is a privilege to be friends with them... we love them! And, P.S. a little Jones will be joining them in April! YEA!! Poor kid... the gene pool he/she has to deal with....
Ryan desperately trying to get a kiss from Em:-)

P.S. We are not doing a summer training program in Chicago... but, I have a pretty good idea we are going to be shipped somewhere next summer. Don't worry! You'll hear about it.


Tony and Rett said...

SO jealous! Chicago!?!? LOVE that city! Wish I had been paying attention and known you were going...I would have recommended Ed Debeveck's (sp?) restaurant. It's TOTALLY up your alley...sarcastic wait staff, good food, and a theme!


Looks like you had fun though! But not as much fun as the couple on the ferris wheel!

Amy said... husband takes goofy pics with his friends looking off into the sunset, usually with his hand on his chin pondering life.

Why do guys find this so hilarious?? Glad I'm not alone where those silly pics are concerned.