Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jackson's new friends

Wednesday of last week was Jackson's 2nd day of school... at his new school. On Wednesday, I picked all the kids up. I was asking them questions about their day and the girls were talking a mile a minute. I wanted to hear from Jackson, so I said, "Jackson, did you make any new

"Yeah, I made two new friends."

"What are their names?"

"Tyler and Clock."


"Yeah, Clock."

"Are you sure his name is Clock?"

"Yeah, it's Clock..... or maybe it's Cock."

My eyes grew as wide as saucers. Then I said, "Well, I can guarantee his name is not Cock."

"Then it's Clock. Yeah, his name is Clock.

Later on that night, when he was on his 2nd round of trying to eat his dinner, he got up from the table with his cup and headed to the refrigerator to get more water. As he was walking, he said, "His name is Clark. Yeah, that's his name. Clark."


I laugh every time I think about it!


Gina said...

Too funny!! At least he can say Flushed Away now without confusion! =)

Jenney said...

I should not have been eating a pickle when I heard his 2 name choices for his friend. Pickle juice in the nose=ewwww.

Jodi said...

You make me laugh out loud! Enjoyed reading a few of your glimpses into life! I have got to get back into blogging! I took a summer vacation!! Clock/Cock! LOL!

The Gang's Momma said...

LOL - you kill me. I only get stories like this from you. Maybe I should get some funny "in real life" friends, too.

And I'm here, I'm here. I've not been commenting because our computer was acting all funky and I got too frustrated to do much blog reading and commenting. Freezing up in mid-sentence and all. UGH.

But I'm here. I'm here. Promise.