Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chicago Part III and Dreams

One of my favorite people in all the world and also one of my very best friends is Gina. If you want to read more about Gina, click here.

Gina drove out from the Chicago suburbs on Saturday, hopped a train and met up with our family downtown. They took us to the aquarium and bought us lunch. The buying lunch thing was kinda dirty on her husband's part, we were trying to buy lunch for them and some how he beat us to the punch.

So, anyway, Gina was very offended to read my blog and not see any pictures of them, but a whole bunch of pictures of the beautiful people, Ryan and Chelsea (see last post). Gina is also one of the funniest people I know, so we had a good laugh about it. Then I had to explain to her that we only took one picture together and it was horrible. I did take one picture of her on my phone.. the one below. Anthony wouldn't look at me.

And, Gina had taken one picture of Anthony and Emme that she sent to me. That picture cracks me up. Check out his face. He is going to be so funny just like his mom and dad. I LOVE funny people.We shared a lot of drinks in that expensive forsaken city of Chicago. Now, we are paying for it. Jackson had some kind of funk going on for a few days... fever, stomachache. I had it yesterday. Emme has had it today. So glad she has vomited up EVERY bit of her food today. The feeding team that she is scheduled to see Thursday morning is going to love to see her weight. Grrr......
I love this picture!

My Gracie ALWAYS falls asleep just like this on trips. It never ceases to crack us up!

I hate this picture of Jackson. He looks like Pee Wee Herman.

The End of Chicago


I wish someone could interpret my dreams.

Some dreams, I think I can interpret myself. Like, I always have the dream that I am driving a car and I can not for the life of me get my eyes open. I think I get this one. I like to control things. I don't think I try to control people. I just want to be in control and help people that hurt or heal people when they are sick or fix bad marriages, etc... But, clearly, I, in a real sense, can only control what I do. And, I am not even sure I can control myself without the help of the Holy Spirit.


Several times in my life, I have had the dream that all my teeth have fallen out. What's up with that one?

But, last night, I had a really bad dream. It was horrible and I was so sad and heart broken. In my dream, my pastor, Charlie... his wife died. It was just unthinkable. She wasn't sick. She's was in great shape and just beautiful (true in real life too!) I remember being so, so sad for Charlie because I know/knew he really loves/loved Sherry. I knew this was going to be horrible for him. I also remember thinking, "I bet a lot of single women are really happy." Isn't that horrible?? Hey, I can't control what I dream.

Of course, everyone wanted to know was how she died. It was a big mystery. But, this guy came up and said, "I have this special paper and if it sticks anywhere on the body, it means there was some kind of fluid leak." (Sounds more like a car to me... but...) Well, apparently, when this guy put the paper on her nose, it stuck. So, it was concluded that she died from a stuffy nose.

Weird I know!

Do you have any recurring dreams?


Gina said...

First of all, thank you for the pictures. I was very offended. =)

Second, I always have this dream that I am chewing a HUGE wad of gum and it's all stuck in my mouth and my teeth. I'm always trying to talk to someone or do something and this gum is in my way. I pull it out but it keeps on coming and it's all stuck in my teeth and it's so gross. I hate that dream. And I have it ALL the time.

I also have really weird dreams when I'm pregnant but we won't go into those here... =)

Chubby Baby Designs said...

oh yes...I should write a book about my crazy dreams. This past week they have been realy weird. Oh and yes, I dream about my teeth falling out, but they usually crumble as they fall out.
One I had years ago was about getting my wisdom teeth removed and Mr.Reno was my dentist. He imformed me at the surgery that they would have to go up through my BIG TOE to get them out!
Last week I had one where my left ear was ripped off somehow and I was trying to find a random doc to sew it back on...it was a challenge! Our friend from Trinidad found a doc finally, but it took forever to get on, and I was concerned the tissue was dying.
Last night I was at what looked like a gate at an airport but it was an ocean below and ships were docked. Then a giant one was coming in to fast and it crashed into the window and people were running away. But we had planned to stay the night there ( camp out) and I saw friends from high school all around wearing poorly matched pj's...I was bothered by that!
There ya go...just a sample!!

Tracy said...

I can't believe you were going to Zumba with Janae! I went all last winter/spring, but hadn't made it this summer because of kids' sports, etc. I was heartbroken when I heard how sick she was- she has been on our church prayer list for weeks. I go to Zumba up here in Vandalia (closer to home), but it is not quite the same :) I hope you are doing well otherwise, and will be praying.