Sunday, August 9, 2009

My mini Taylor Swift

I have a mini Taylor Swift....

..... only she doesn't have blond curly hair


....... she can't play the guitar (yet)


........ she doesn't have any award winning songs


......... she doesn't have a tour bus


......... she doesn't live in Nashville

.......... she's never won a Grammy or a CMT award


........... she doesn't make a lot of money

But, other than that, she's just like her.

She even taught herself to play one of her songs on the piano... but only with the right hand: she's still working on the left.

And, she has been writing her own songs for as long as I can remember. Some of them are so good, I ask her where she heard it. Some of her songs... um, not so good.

I found one she wrote. Unlike my blogging friend Sharla, I don't ask my kid's permission to share their stories. Giving birth earned me the right to share.

I found this song laying around the house one day after I heard her singing it:

Big in the country
Small in the city
Cause I'm a small town girl

Not makin much money
Bare foot and a hoodie
jeans and pigtails
oh yeah

Seems like everyone thinks small town girls won't make it too far
They say they don't make much down on the farm
Well, I think it's fine and
It's all mine
Lovin just what I do
Oh, it's true
Small town girl

Four kids and a husband
Gettin lots of lovin
All so beautiful
Two kids have freckles
Others have dimples
Oh, so special
Can't get enough of watch'n em grown up
And it's all so sweet
Somethin' you just can't beat

Repeat chorus

I don't even know what to say about that. I am not sure where she's getting all her.... information/experience. She's home schooled. I pretty much know where she is 24/7.

Anyway, here is the piano piece she taught herself.


Jenney said...

How very cute :o) Someday I am going to say "Hey! I read her mom's blog!"

Chubby Baby Designs said...

WOW and WOW...those lyrics are crazy good! Shelby, God has blessed you with many talents, what a treasure you are to Him!

Stephanie Isaacs Watkins said...

April- That song is terrific. Your kids are so neat and I love hearing their stories. And of course yours and Paul's too. I sure wish we could spend more time together. My girls LOVE your kids.
And you know how I feel about your guys :)
Love you- Steph