Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School Ever

Well, today my kids all started a new school. Shelby and Gracie have never been to school, so this was their first day ever. Jackson has gone to preschool and Kindergarten. He went to school because he needed speech therapy, but now they are all at the same school.

I decided to send the girls to school for about 100 reasons. If you really want to know why and how I made the decision, please email me and I would be more than glad to share.

I want to say that there are no formulas for raising children. There is no one path that is right for every one. There are pros and cons to all forms of schooling: home, public and private. Thankfully, God wants a relationship with each and every once of us. Because of that, I believe when we ask for guidance, he graciously gives it to us. Through what could only be his guidance and provision, we are sending our children to a private school. We could not feel more peaceful about our decision.

Enjoy pictures from their first day... which was yesterday.

The younger two loved school. The oldest is a bit stressed about the organizational part of schooling. She will do great once she gets the hang of it!

Two posts in one day. Whoohoo! The one below is from last year. If you want to relive my adoption with me... scroll down!:-)


Anonymous said...

If organizational help is needed or if you have nay questions about 6th grade - let me know. I taught very closely with those 3 teachers so I know them well. Who is her homeroom teacher? I will stop by for lunch next week one day so I will have to go see your kiddos! Do you even know what to do with yourself?????

Kim said...

My two children have always attended public schools. However, the schools they attended required uniforms much like what your kids are wearing. I love uniforms. It makes getting ready for school so much easier. Even a kindergartner can pick out their own clothes!

Your kids looks so happy. Your "First Day of School" pics are much nicer than the ones I took of my two scowling teenagers!

P.S. I posted - please do not block me. :)

Sharla said...

Great photos! Glad the first day went well...


Jenney said...

Yeah! I comment frequently, so I think I get to continue reading too! I've just been super busy getting my home daycare back underway. Glad to see that they were "mostly" happy about school!

Gina said...

I can't believe they've been in school for 3 days now and I haven't heard from you once. You must be too busy sitting on your couch, staring at the wall and enjoying the almost silence. HA! =)

I hope that they're adjusting well and having fun. They look so cute!!

Tony and Rett said...

I'm here, I'm here! If you go to private, I BETTER be allowed to read it!

Oh, ok, now that that's off my chest...your kids are ADORABLE in their uniforms. I, the public school teacher, am sending our daughters to private school too. But unfortunately, they don't wear uniforms in preschool. We were BUMMED!

I know they'll all get into the swing of things and it will become easy peasy. I can't wait to hear more about how school goes!!!

How is mommy time at home with just Emme???