Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of my Favorite Summer Memories

I honestly have no idea what to do in the summer except go to the pool. We live there, especially during swim team season.

I remember doing the same thing almost everyday when I was little. It never got old. And, it's never old to my kids.

I've told them about my pool. I told them how we used to walk to get there. The pool was by a wooded area and there was a little path from one of the roads that lead up to the sidewalk to the pool. I can still see the tire marks in the dry dirt from the kids that road their bikes there. As a matter of fact... whenever I see tire marks in the dirt, the kind that were made in the mud and then dried, I think of Union Pool.

I remember walking home from the pool after spending several hours in the heat and in the water. I was always worn out. For some reason, I always came home, took my suit off, wrapped myself in a blanket, laid on the couch... naked if not for the blanket. I would watch Tom and Jerry and eat ice cream. I used to love to let my ice cream get soft and then swirl it around and make a thick ice cream soup with my spoon.

I love that memory.

However, I regret sharing it with my children. I can not even begin to tell you how many times a summer they ask me if they can lay on the couch naked, eat ice cream and watch Tom and Jerry.

I always tell them "no". As I sit here writing this, I am thinking maybe I should just let them do it one time and get it over with. They'd never forget it. You might read about me in the newspaper the next day, but at least we could all have the same memory of summer.

I just hate letting them watch Tom and Jerry as a sibling group. They don't need anymore ideas. I already feel like I live with Tom and Jerry. They just go by different names here... Gracie and Jackson.

I don't really know why I just told you that story.

********************UPDATE ON JANAE*****************************

Janae is home now. She had a surgery last week. They took out some lymph nodes and a biopsy of the lung. The biopsies came back clear for cancer. They are now waiting to see if they come back positive for the autoimmune disease.

The surgery was very painful. They had to make a large incision in her side because she's so skinny ( I have the SAME problem...haha). Her lung collapsed once and that was very painful. She is still in some pain but she looks 100 times better. She's getting around well and laughing, even though it's painful. She is in great spirits.

Please pray that her heart heals itself completely. Also pray that her body would respond to the medicines. I love watching the Great Physician work His magic!

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