Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bobby, oh Bobby

Bobby died this week. We knew him for such a short time.

It doesn't seem fair that life on earth is so short for some. There was a fondness for Bobby that... well, ... didn't seem quite natural. Even though the children knew him for such a short time, their love for him caused them to be screaming his name in the front yard, "Bobby! We love you! BOOOOBBBBBYYYYYY!!!" "Bobby!!! Why did you have to die?"

Please don't mistake the morbidity of the yelling. It sounded more like cheering.

Darja, the girl who lives with us (but only for about 7 more days.... sniff, sniff!), was awakened on her day off by Gracie crying that Bobby died. It wasn't a real cry. Oh, I am sure there was some degree of real sadness, but.... it wasn't a real cry. It wasn't even enough to get her out of bed to see who Bobby might be.

You see, Bobby, was found the day before on the curb in front of our house. To be perfectly honest, we didn't even know what Bobby was.... We did know that he was struggling for his life. We also knew his eyes were not open and he was very much naked.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I called my friend Rachael. She loves all animals. She loves them so much that she hopped in the car and drove over in a matter of seconds.

She quickly identified Bobby as a baby squirrel.

She looked, to no avail, for a squirrel's nest. I am pretty sure she was going to shimmy up the tree if she had found one. (I would have really liked to have seen that.) When one was not to be found, she wrapped him in a towel and took him home. A few hours later she called to report that she got his body temperature up, that he had had some sort of bodily... function.... movement (TMI) and that he had enjoyed some Pedialyte.

In the morning, Rachael called to tell us that despite waking up to feed him every two hours, he had not made it through the night.

I wish you could have heard the cheers for Bobby. His life was celebrated by the children in the neighborhood. His...... very........ short........... life.

And, I don't know how to talk to anyone of those people in the aforementioned story.

Before you judge me on my compassion, or lack thereof, where animals are concerned, please keep in mind that I have a precious daughter from China. Therefore, I do indeed have a heart. I also very much appreciate the hearts of people like Rachael. If not for those animal lovers, this world would be a lot worse.....


Jackson was taken to Urgent Care for a severely scratched cornea while I was at the Taylor Swift concert. I guess it's really painful. I respect that. But, did it necessitate the need for a doctor to prescribe a 6 year old child.......... OXYCOTIN?? For the love of all that is holy! Are you kidding me?

He didn't take the first one and it has since dissolved and been reabsorbed into our city's water supply... hopefully to be enjoyed in small amounts by all the stay at home moms.

On Tuesday, I had a tooth that was hurting so severely, I decided to head straight to an endodontist. $120 later, he couldn't conclude if it was tooth #30 or #31 and opted not to go digging around in the roots of multiple teeth. I appreciate that... I guess. Until tooth #30 or #31 rears it's ugly head, my liver will be filtering out massive doses of Motrin.

Maybe I should have kept the Oxycotin??

On Wednesday, I was trying to take out the trash. I pushed the trash down so as to compact it... because.... that's what I do to be GREEN. Thankyouverymuch. I pushed down, with all my might I might add, on the lid of an opened can. It fileted my finger. I am pretty sure I should have had stitches, a shot or a blood transfusion. I opted for my neighbor butterflying it. It was/is not pretty as you can see by the picture.

There you have it folks!

Just another week in our life.

Have a great weekend.!!

This may surprise you..... BUT, we are off to another wedding:-)


Jenney said...

Your picture...made me...GAG. EW
Oh, and I think I might be coming to drink your water...

Rachael said...

Poor Poor Bobby... I still have a lot of Pedialyte and puppy formula if anyone needs any. :)

Rachael said...

I forgot to mention how impressed I was that you actually held him. You are an animal lover even though you try to hide it. You even brought one of your towels out to keep him warm. You softy you. :)

Sharla said...

Ok... I've gone from laughing to wanting to pass out... YIKES friend, you've had a week!

Good grief, Oxycontin?! That stuff is highly addictive...isn't that what Rush Limbaugh got hooked on for a while...

And to think I was freaking out over hydrocodone for my 14 year old when his collar bone was broken into 3 pieces... Thank goodness he's a tough kid and only took 2 of them before he decided that he liked the pain better than the weird feeling the pain medication gave him...

I hope you're finger is ok, that looks terrible!


Christina said...

oxycontin or oxycodone? oxycontin is the main active incredient in oxycodone, percocet and the's all basically the same stuff! Some just have other active incredients such as aspirin in them. Don't be alarmed!
Hope your son's eye is doing better! A scratched cornea is no fun!

momto4girls said...

I now have another reason to drink tap water rather than bottled water (except my water comes from a well) :)
It sounds that you are probably an animal lover deep down but just don't have the time for it to surface. At least Bobby died peacefully and loved!
Here's to a "calm" week!