Saturday, July 4, 2009

Talent Show

Shelby tried out at a local talent show. If she had placed, she would have gone on to a bigger one in the area.

I think she did fabulous!!! By the time we decided to do it, she only had two days to practice.

I also did not know the performance rules. One rule states that the performance has to be under 3 minutes. Her performance was over 4 minutes. I also should have chose a song where the judges could have seen more personality... heaven knows she's got it!!

Out of 20 some performances, they chose 3 to go on. Shelby was not chosen. Her time killed her. We did not leave disappointed however. Everyone was coming up to her telling her how good she was... it was a very positive experience.

I am posting the video so you can hear for yourself. It was recorded with a phone because... guess what... we forgot the video camera AGAIN. (See previous post, click here.)

Also, I know there were a few pitchy parts... but... she just turned 11 and only practiced for two days...Simon!

Here she is in her debut audition singing Selah's version of Bless the Broken Road:

It will take about 20 seconds to hear the music begin!


Anonymous said...

Shelby: you did an awesome job. You are #1 in my book. I love you ! your Ma Mawf

Nicole's Mom said...

She did a great job.. By the way was her picture in sundays paper. There was a little girl that looked just like shelby in DDN.

Tony and Rett said...

She was AWESOME! Simon, schmimon! Paula would have put her straight through!

Way to go, Shelby!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

oh my gosh, Shelby...that was SOOOO good!!! Madelyn and I loved it!

Abby said...


Gina said...

That was great! I haven't heard Shelby really sing before, I don't think. Only when she's being silly. =) She did a great job!!

gnangle04 said...

Shelby did great! I cannot even imagine getting up in front of people and doing that, even with a pretty voice like hers. I was nervous for her.... watching it on a computer screen ..... and 4 days after the fact! How did you handle it, April?
She's headed for greatness!