Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Weekend Marathon

This was a busy weekend. NOTE: There is no virtue in business. I just don't know how to get off the train.

Thursday night we were at a dive meet until 9:30 pm. Jackson won first place in the diving meet.

Friday morning swim practice 9-11.

3 pm Begin getting crew ready for wedding #1

4:45 Leave home

5:30 Arrive and the girls receive their instructions for their part in the wedding.

Before I go any farther, I should tell you how great the family is and how honored we are to know them and how blessed we have been by them. I am not sure why they took a liking to us. We met them at the church I grew up in. Paul worked at the church for awhile.

For our honeymoon, they gave us a condo in the Caymen Islands. It belonged to her boss. The boss happened to be there when we arrived- he was on his way home. We just happened to be able to see them and to thank them. The boss rented us a car for 4 days and gave us a gift certificate for dinner. The Henness family also had a gift certificate to a very fancy dinner place. All these gifts were waiting for our us upon our arrival.

Since that time, they have honored every one of our children's birthdays and all holidays. For Christmas and Easter, packages would arrive for my children with coats, hat, purses, dresses, shoes, toys (All as one gift). We have been given movie passes and a gift certificate to Great Wolf Lodge. I could go on and on and on. I am sure you get the picture.

When Jackson was 1 and 2, we spent 10 weeks in Myrtle Beach with the Navigators summer training program. The first year was very hard on my. I had 3 little children and I spent a lot of time alone in a condo. The 2nd year, I asked Melanie, the mom, if she would fly her to girls down to help me. She did. That was one of the best gifts she ever gave me. I hadn't been around those girls much since they were little and now they were 16 and 19. It totally changed our relationship with them... for the good.

Anyway, all that to say, the youngest girl got married this past weekend. The older one will get married in two weeks. Yes, you read that right, 2 weeks.

Kelcey and Joel and their rehearsal. Isn't she gorgeous? And, on top of that, she is fun, funny, kind, ..... the list could go on and on. Joel's a pretty nice guy too:-)

The beautiful bride.

My girls were the greeters/program distributors. The florist taped their corsages to their real pearls... yes, real pearls from China. It looked so dorky so I had to fix it but I took their picture first.

In the parking lot of the church, there was a little snow cone shack. Only a dad would buy kids one BEFORE a wedding. Geesh!

"Um..... so sorry. I had to poop. It couldn't wait. I know it's right in the middle of the ceremony, but... you may want to change me. I kinda smell like I ate possum for lunch."

Yeah, I don't really know how to tell you all this, but the dog, that boxer being walked down the aisle, he was the ring bearer. Jackson may be scarred for life. (The dog was clearly chosen over him.)

Real birch trees in the front. With the lights dimmed, it was beautiful. It looked like a summer night in a park.

Kelcey and Joel in their getaway car.

The cool getaway car.

The reception was at a performing arts center. The big gathering area is used for receptions. It's a beautiful place to have a reception. See their initials////

Their was a Jones Soda bottles addressed for each person. Kelcey and Joel's picture is on the front.

The pastor who married them. Oh, and he also happened to be Joel's dad.

She really loves my kids.
If you didn't read my previous post, you must. Here is proof once again that the boy gets money everywhere he goes. He was on the dance floor and he has this move where he stands on his head and spins. I do not even know where he would have learned such a thing. But, he did it once and then some guy said, "I'll pay you 5 bucks to do it again.

The reception, with no alcohol had by nary a soul.... was so much fun. This was my favorite part. Kelcey and her dad were dancing to the song that goes... you are so beautiful to me.... All of a sudden the music literally screeched to a halt. A cowboy hat was thrown out to Doug and the whole bridal party started line dancing to Cotton-Eyed Joe. SO CUTE!!!

We got home from the wedding at 11:45 pm.

We were up at 6:40 am for Jackson's dive meet. He was supposed to be there at 7 but his age group was last so we went a little later. At 10:45, right when he was supposed to start, it began thundering... then raining... then lightening.

Dive meet postponed. Come back at 8 am on Sunday.

We raced home. Ate lunch. Got dressed... yes, everyone of us wore the exact same clothes. Rushed out the door to wedding #2.

We arrived, seriously, 1 minute before the processional.

Wedding 1:30 We were at the reception by 2:30. There were horderves and an open bar. It was supposed to be social hour from 3-4. At 5:30 pm, we made our way from the lobby to the ballroom. Yes, 5:30 with very tired kids. But, hey, this was my friend who waited 38 years to get married. She can do whatever she wants. It's her big day.

There were 5 of us there. We have been friends since jr. high. This beautiful little boy is my best friend growing up's little boy, Andrew. He refused to be in the picture with all the kids. I showed him!
The 3 girls on the left are my friend Erin's little girls. OF course my squirrelly bunch and then Amy's clone, Sarah.

Paul with Amy and Erin's husbands. They all had hair when we started dating them:-)

All our kids had so much fun playing together.

Gracie leading the dance pack.
Amy, Erin, Jenny, me, and Heather.
Emme had all she could take.

Didn't last long.

We got home at 8pm. Paul was up at 5:30. He had to speak at the local Christian schools football camp. I was up at 6:15. At the dive meet by 7:45 am.

It was so foggy. I couldn't even see the Target I had to pass on my way there.

This was taken during warmups. He's flawless front flip. The boy can execute the hardest dive perfectly every time. TODAY, on his two other dives, he made REALLY silly mistakes. I was so mad at him. I know he's only 6 but I got up really early two days in a row for this. Because of his 1st 2 dives, he placed 5th out of 17 boys 8 and under. I know it's good, but he really should have gotten 1st.

But, he was expecting 1st. Paul said it was good for him. He needs to learn to work for things. If everything is always handed to him.... blah, blah, blah Sometimes, I don't need the lecture.

5th place medal.

Noon: Dive banquet at our pool.

Jackson and Emme kicking back after the long weekend watching some toons.

STICK A FORK IN ME......... I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!


Sharla said...

Y'all look BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats to Jackson... I think 5th place is awesome! I can't dive...well, not much anyway!'re life is WAY to busy!!

Get some rest!!


Gina said...

I loved all the pictures! Everyone looked beautiful.

I especially loved the last 2 of Jackson and Emme. Precious!!! =)

The Gang's Momma said...

Wow - you guys clean up real nice :) Love the shot of you and the kids. And the close ups of Emme. Glad you all had fun, even if you are all still recuperating two days later ;)

Tony and Rett said...

WOW... I'm tired now too!

But gotta say all look gorgeous! And you're one hot mama! Seriously, beautiful family!