Monday, July 27, 2009


I said to someone at church this weekend, "We had a wedding Friday night." To which she replied, "You go to more weddings than anyone I've ever known!"

It's true! It's really a big joke amongst our neighbors. More often than not they'll say, "Got a wedding this weekend?" They think they are so funny!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I wish I would have written down all the weddings we've been in and to in the last 14 years... just for fun. Because here's the thing, if we have been doing college ministry for the last 11 years and NEVER got invited to student's weddings who've we've invested in... we've got a very lame ministry. So, hopefully, it's a least a testimony to the fact that we love students and we love what we do and that we've made some kind of impact of them (hopefully for eternity).

That being said... I thought I'd share some pictures from the weekend. Only some of the pictures are mine because.... guess why? If you have been following along for any length of time then you know..... I forgot my camera:-)


This was the wedding of our friend Stacey. If you scroll down, to a post from 2 weeks ago, you'll see Kelcey's wedding. They are sisters. We told our girls, "If you ever think about getting married 2 weeks apart, we'll kill you!" We are really loving and gentle with our girls that way. Ha!


You know what was really fun about Stacey's wedding and reception? It was held at the same place that Paul and I had our reception at 14 years ago in October. It was our first visit back since then.

Stacey had an outdoor wedding at a Bed and Breakfast. Behind the house of the B&B, stands a big barn. Attached to the barn, was a huge white tent. (We did the same thing.) Stacey's wedding was very unique. She did lots of things I have never seen before. It was very refreshing (I can't believe I just used that word. I hate that word!) I love it that she totally stepped outside the box!

There's Stacey, with her pretend bouquet, rehearsing. Well, that's what you do at rehearsal's right... rehearse!? She's so pretty, huh?

There's Kelcey, back from her honeymoon. She is beautiful too, huh? In fact, she's so beautiful.... that on her honeymoon, the cruise ship asked them if they could follow them around and film them. If they could, they'd pay for all their activities. Who wouldn't say yes? They are also being paid to be in one of Royal Carribean's commercials.

About Kelcey though, she may be beautiful but her personality is even better than her looks. She is so funny and crazy and happy... And, Stacey, she is one of the most consistently joyful, kindest, sweetest people I have ever met. Can you tell how much I love these girls? I'd give millions of bucks if they were my sisters!

Stacey married a guy named Brandon, duh? I am not sure why there's a picture of their feet... but I loved it!

They had another table like this one with jars of candy on it. The kids could get a bag and get some candy. Jackson thought he had died and gone to heaven. He didn't even have to con anyone into it. (See Cool Smooth Criminal Post, click here.)

Stacey grew wheat grass for their wedding to put on all the tables at the reception. A couple of days before the wedding she was sure Brandon killed it by over watering it... but, alas, it was alive and well! The big tin in the middle... she gave a bunch of people pie tins to make pies to put on the top. (I would be one of those peeps... hence the excuse for forgetting the camera this time. I was almost late.) Anyway, there was no wedding cake... just lots of pies. How fun is that? Everyone could move about and get their favorite.
That's the B&B. You can't see the barn and tent behind it, but it's there!

In addition to pies, they had a fire going in a fire box and people could make smores.

The barn was decorated and so pretty. Well, it was pretty until I saw a huge, dead pig setting out on the food table. I about ruined the wedding by hurling all over the table. You who know me... you know I adhere to Old Testament food laws... no pork! BARF!

It was a very fun wedding. I watched the 5 extroverts of the family dance the night away:-)

Stacey and her bridesmaids. Pssst! Her dress is a Vera Wang. Isn't it gorgeous?


Jenney said...

I think that you need to submit her wedding photos to like Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens because WOW, how nice!

Sharla said...

How fun! That looks like a great wedding!! But wow, you do go to a lot of weddings! LOL!! I haven't been to a wedding in years! I guess they'll start again when my kids grow up...that's a scary thought!