Monday, July 6, 2009

Comedy of Errors

Comedy of errors... sometimes I feel like this describes my life. One crazy thing after another. I don't even know how else to describe it, so I am just going to give you a run down of the events.

First of all, remember that refrigerator that we fixed, that I was so proud of. It worked for about a month and then every weekend, the freezer would unthaw. The 3rd weekend, I unplugged it and said, "I'm done!"

Paul tried to get some refrigerator from some guy... really cheap, he can get what you want, yada, yada, yada... honestly, I don't know. If I didn't know my husband, I would think he was into some hot refrigerator buying. So after about a week of him calling this guy and this guy giving him every story from the refrigerator fell off the truck to I had to fire my whole crew, I said, "Um.... at what point to we conclude that God may not want us to buy one from this guy?"

I also told Paul that if I had to spend one more day w/o a refrigerator in my kitchen... he better sleep with one eye open at night. If you have several children, count how many times you go to the refrigerator in a day. I spent a week running down 8 stairs, running through the living room, and then up 8 stairs into the garage... to the small refrigerator we have out there...back and forth, back and forth. How am I not skinny?

So, Wed night we went to Home Depot and bought a scratch and dent model. Delivery was not included so we had to figure out how to get it home. Let me just say it was an ordeal and the next time I buy something like a refrigerator, $1000 would not be too much to pay for the

Thursday 3:55 pm: New refrigerator sitting in entry way of house. Old stinky refrigerator sitting in middle of kitchen.

Thursday 4 pm: Shelby had to be at a rehearsal for the talent show. 4:45 she rehearses. 5:25 Paul says, "Did you get the cameras?" ME: "Nope! Did you?" 5:30 the show starts by the woman announcing that performances must be under 3 minutes. The color drains out of my face, Paul's face and Shelby's face. She mentions something about performance rules at which point I wanted to stand up and yell, "NO ONE GAVE ME A LIST OF STINKIN PERFORMANCE RULES!"

Record Shelby's performance with Paul's phone

7:30 pm: Talent show over.
At this point, I should mention that some random guy who also works for the same organization that Paul works for.... called me a week before and ask if he and 6 other people could spend the night at our house. They were driving from Maryland to Colorado and they just needed a place to crash. I, apparently on heavy medication that day, said, "Sure!"

The guy told me they would leave at 8, 9 or 10 in the morning for an 8 or 9 hour drive. Because THAT'S HELPFUL! Geesh!

I leave the talent show, walk into my house, and the guy calls and says they are almost at our house. I order some pizza because I don't have a refrigerator and I have to feed these people. I go to pick the pizza up. Paul calls my newly replaced phone and says, "UM... I hope you got enough pizza because these are not little kids." To which I said, "They could be 6 years old for all I know, I never thought to ask." (They were high schoolers and 2 young adult leaders.)

8:30 Home with pizza. Realize there is no ice for drinks. Send my kids running in all directions with cups to neighbors houses for ice.

We eat out front on the grass because THERE ARE REFRIGERATORS ALL OVER MY HOUSE.
We had enough pizza.

9:30 Paul starts trying play switch-a-roo with the refrigerators... taking doors off, trying to get refrigerators through doorways, etc... with one of the high schoolers.

10:30 Yell at my kids, who are out playing kick the can with all these strange people who I have agreed to let sleep in our home, to come inside. They all immediately head down stairs and start playing wii.

Midnight: New refrigerator in kitchen. Old one in living room. What? Don't you have refrigerators in random places?

8am: Wake up. Strange kids about to leave. New refrigerator that had been plugged in for 8 hours not cold. Call LG. Change fridge from demo mode. Fridge works.

The rest of Friday was a blurr. I seem to remember helping my kids with some cake baking, decorating contest that Shelby came up with her cousins. They ran around to their grandparent's neighbors asking them to judge. Whatever.

10pm Run around looking for batteries and charger so that I can take pictures of Emme's 1st 4th of July.

Saturday July 4
8:40 am Friends arrive so we can walk to the center of our little city for a parade. I take lots of pictures because this is my daughter's 1st 4th of July in her new country.

3:30 Arrive home. Take a nap with Emme because it is now raining.

5:00 Try to download pictures from the day... Computer said could not read file of any of my pictures. NONE. Want to barf.

6pm Tell Shelby that we changed our mind about taking her to see a free Lady Antebellum concert 90 minutes away. (This is the country group that we are friends with the girl singer, Hillary Scott.) Shelby cries a disappointed cry, not a spoiled brat cry. We talk. Feel bad. Decide we are not going to melt in the ran.

6:45 Leave in rain for concert.

8pm Arrive. Try to feed the kids food from this festival because they've had no dinner. 8:45 They leave Emme and I in our sits and try to find Hillary.

9pm Singing has started with no sign of the rest of the family.
9:02 Family comes running jumping up and down and said, "Hillary came over and gave us all hugs and said she'd talk to us after the show.

10:20 Last song of concert. Move behind outside stage to wait for Hillary. Band comes off stage goes under tent and waits to be called back for encore. Hillary points at us in the long line of people that has amassed behind the ropes. Band goes back up. Security guy comes over, moves the rope, and tells us to go wait under tent for Hillary.

10:21 My kids think they are the coolest people in the world

10:23 Talk to Hillary for 10 or 15 minutes. Can I just tell you she is one of the sweetest people in the world. She was totally into the kids, asking them questions, etc...

10:35 Take picture of kids with Hillary with my phone because I didn't have enough sense to grab my camera with a different card. Kids float back to car.

July 5 Somehow Gracie decided that even though her birthday was back in May, today would be the day she would have a sleepover birthday party. I've stopped trying to figure this one out.

Today: I AM WORN OUT!!!!!!!!!!

How was your holiday weekend?

Here are all the WONDERFUL pictures I have from the weekend: In order of said story.
New fridge in entryway. BTW, how much do you love my front door. I have waited 6 years for that door. My other one was solid- no light!
Strange kid helping Paul get old fridge out.
Shelby, Gracie and Jackson watching comedy show... very funny guy. I think Jackson needs to pee.
If you know Shelby.... OF COURSE she got picked to help with the show. And, for the person who asked, Yes, Shelby was told twice in one day she would be in the local paper.

Gracie trying to climb the wall.
Emme looked ticked off watching the movie on the way to the concert. Cute red, white and blue sun dress... oh yeah, that was earlier in the day taking with the camera that messed them all up.
Lady Antebellum performing.
Shelby, Gracie, Jackson and Hillary Scott. Now, isn't that a great picture. I am so glad I get to capture my kids lives with all these wonderful pictures............NOT!

Gracie's birthday party.


Darja said...

the picture where paul is bent over, i was waiting for some awkward pioneer woman-esque comment about how much he makes you tingly inside or something. come on april. don't be shy...

Gina Lynch said...

That doesn't even surprise or shock me. It sounds like normal life with the Isaacs family. I don't even know how you are still surprised by it! =) At least you're not ever bored right???

I miss you!

Sharla said...

What a hoot!! Glad you at least have a refrigerator now!

Sounds like you need a hug!

The Gang's Momma said...

Okay, now I need a really long nap. This post made me exhausted. And I'm also wondering where the comment is about hubby's behind?! Come on - we expect this from you.

And Lady Antebellum? You are friends with them? I'm jealous. They are awesome. Love their sound.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

I think I need a nap now...and yet this is what is normal for us is that?