Monday, July 27, 2009

My blog and Seinfeld

Today I decided that... my blog is kinda like Seinfeld. It's a blog about nothing. But, I always have something to say about nothing. I just can't believe you people come back here and read it all the time... but I am glad you do!

So, I believe tooth #31 has reared it's ugly head. I think it's the fracture in the tooth that's causing the problems. When the filling is as big as the tooth itself... HELLO... eventually it's going to crack the tooth. So, I am going Thursday morning at the unholy hour of 7 am for a crown. I think I bypassed the root canal. Tooth #30 was the one that would have needed the root canal... just in case you are interested.

I hate calling my teeth by numbers.


Darja and I were sitting at the table talking the other day. She was eating breakfast/lunch and buttering some toast. She said to me, "You know, I never knew about butter when I was growing up. I don't think I knew about butter until... like I was in high school. I thought buttered bread was something magic that you got at restaurants. We only had jelly at our house. No butter."

Again, why bother trying to figure things out. She's Slovenian... maybe that has something to do with it.

I felt sorry for her. So, I told her something I didn't understand when I was little... I wanted to maker her feel better.

So, I said, "When I was little, I used to worry about growing out of my clothes. I thought I was going to have to sit in the car naked while my mom ran in and bought some."

True story. I really did sit around and worry about that.

What's a misconception from your childhood? I know you had one:-)


Keesler Chaos said...

When I was about 8, I asked my mom, in front of all my brothers, of course how long a dog's gestation was. Unfortunately, I'd never heard the word said aloud, only seen it in books, so I pronounced it "gastation", to which my dad DIED laughing, and said that that was how it should be pronounced, after all the stops my mom made him take.

I was mortified.

Sharla said...

You crack me up but if you're sure you want to hear this... I was really little, and I didn't understand about digestion and I couldn't figure out what would happen when you ate enough food to fill your tummy... I used to think it would look like the play-doh toys I played with all the would just squish out everywhere... I know YUCK...but you asked! LOL!!

P.S. I don't think I've EVER told anyone that!!

Jenney said...

And you wonder why I nominated you for the funniest blog. HELLO!

Mine is horrible, but it is the only thing I can think of. I had a brother 13 months younger than me. I thought I had lost a certain body part as a kid and was very concerned. How dumb.

Amy said...

Hilarious! That is the funniest breakfast/lunch conversation I've ever been privvy to!

When I was younger I didn't know there was a such thing as white bread. My mom was a health nut and only bought wheat. I swear I was like in high school the first time I ate white bread.

Tony and Rett said... of our most favorite shows ever...stands to reason your blog is one of our most favorite too!

When I was a kid, I had to make sure my parents were in the living room when I went to bed. Every few minutes I'd yell, "Are you still out there?" and they'd yell back, "Yeeesss!" Not sure why I worried about this. They never forgot me at school, or left me behind, or abandoned me. But it freaked me out to be awake in bed and them NOT to be in the living room. Just call me PSYCHO! Heheh, I'm surprised they didn't just try and mess with my mind and NOT answer one time!

Susan said...

When she was 2, my 2nd child, Marissa, would tell me as I pushed the cart through the grocery store, "When I am big, and you are little, I will push you in the cart."

Gina said...

Okay this isn't about my childhood but:

In the airport yesterday Anthony was very curiously watching me go to the bathroom. He said "HEY! Where's your pee pee?" And I said "I don't have one" And he goes "Oh. It just comes out of your belly?" Sure kid...something like that...

And I just saw your last post about the No Pork. You are such a weirdo. =) Hope it went well tonight!!

Abby said...

I always thought a little man would come out of the toilet to take my poop.
Oh, and I checked the crack between my bed and the wall EVERY single night before bed,because I was sure there was someone sleeping there.

laranou said...


I keep reading because you crack me up! (and it sounds too much like my own life) Thank you for the bright spots in my day.

Since we are all bearing our true confessions - street lights. I couldn't figure out how street lights worked so I pondered the questions long and hard until I discovered the most logical solution. Trained monkeys sat in the light casings and flipped switches to turn the lights from red to green and yellow. It made perfect sense to me!