Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Changes for Emme

Emme's little world has expanded. She now wears big girl underwear and sleeps in a big girl bed. She rides a bus and goes to school. And, she's another year older and wiser.

And with everyone of these things, has come an adventure.

First of all, she's a whopping 18 pounds. Have you ever tried to find underwear to fit someone who is 18 pounds? It's impossible. My friend Janae and I... we searched the world over to find some that would stay over her little biscuits. There were none to be found. Thankfully, Janae's got skillz. We bought some underwear and she set to work altering every single pair. I am now the proud owner of 25 of the smallest pairs of underwear in the world. (Um... why do we say underwear comes in pairs? Pairs of what? I almost feel stupid saying pairs of underwear all of a sudden.) Anyway, they have to be the cutest pairs of underwear in all the world.

For the most part, Emme uses the big potty. I am afraid we are going to flush her back to China when I see her sitting up there, but so far she's managed to stay here with us. She does have an issue with the whole #2 thing. She will only perform that in the diaper. Why any 3 year old intelligent enough to know the ins and outs of the iphone would want to sit around in her own fecal matter is beyond me, but hey, everyone has their issues, right?

We had a little tiny party for Emme's 3rd birthday. I was convinced we were having a Dora party because she's all about Dora, but every time I asked her what kind of party she was going to have... she would insist she was having an Elmo party. It matters not that I don't think she's ever seen the first Elmo tv show. But, nonetheless, she had it in her little mind that she was having an Elmo party. So, Janae set to work and displayed some more of her skillz and made Emme's cake. I think it was about the cutest cake I have ever seen.

Emme's also going to school. And, bless her little heart, she's riding the short bus there. It's true. She qualified for speech services through our awesome school district and I'm proudly sending her to one of the best schools I know. The bus picks her up. It only has little preschoolers on it. Plus, there is an aide on the bus who straps her into her little car seat. I LOVE the principal at Emme's school and we decided that at the end of her time there, a plaque may have to be purchased and displayed in her name. See, the building is really just a K/1 building, but the preschool outgrew itself and so 2 of the classes have had to move to this building. So, if Emme attends next year again as a preschooler, and then again the following year as what they call a Young 5, and then the next year as a Kindergardener, and then lastly as a 1st grader, she will have spent 5 years in the K/1 building. Maybe by that time she will be able to walk up the steps to the bus instead of climbing them.

Finally, little Em moved to a big girl bed. She's actually sleeping in a trundle that comes out of the girls bunk bed. Tuesday night was her first night in the bed. About an hour after she fell asleep, I went into check on her and found her plastered face down on the hardwood floor. I called Paul in so we could crack up together. I mean, poor thing, she looked like she'd been shot... so we put her back in bed. About 1 am, she waltzed into our room, woke up Paul and spent the rest of the night nestled between the two of us. I woke her up at 8:50 so I could make it to my 9 am haircut. I am glad someone slept well.

Speaking of sleeping, that little thing has been interrupting my sleep for exactly 2 years now. On September 8, 2008, in a dingy, government building room in Nanning (Guangxi Province), China, someone handed me one of the tiniest, most precious gifts in all the world. Toothless and wide-eyed, she came right to us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE thinking about our trip to get her and amazed all the time at the huge blessing she is to our family.

Yes, she almost burnt her lips off trying to blow out her candles.

Since I wrote this on September 8 and it's taken me two months to publish the post, there are some other things you should know about Emme.

Emme now goes poopy in the potty. When she needs to go, she announces that her butt is full... which I think makes perfect sense. I may actually start making that announcement myself. I don't know how that will go over with my friends and family, but I like the statement that much.

One day I found Emme sitting on the potty doing #2 and eating a piece of garlic bread. I don't want to know where she put the garlic bread while she was in transition. I try not to think about those things.

One last thing about #2 and I'll be on my way. Whenever she poops, she looks into the potty and tells me what she pooped... so far today we've had an alligator and a little snake.

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Sweet Floweret said...

Aw little Emme!! She is so precious and that post was hilarious. You always make me laugh. Glad to see you're back to blogging!