Monday, November 8, 2010

You are going to love this breakfast!

One of my best friends in all the world is Gina. She makes me laugh really hard.

Several years ago, she told me this story about her little sister, Andrea. To this day, every time I think about the story it cracks up.

Andrea and Gina were in the car with 2 guys and Andrea said, "I make THE BEST tuna fish sandwich!"

The one guy says, "I hate tuna fish sandwiches!" (Let's call the call Brian... cuz I think he needs a name.)

So Andrea says, "Do you like tuna?"

Brian says, "NO!"

"Do you like mayonnaise?"


"Do you like celery?"


A bit exasperated Andrea says, "Do you like white bread?"


She says, "Well!!........ Then you are going to LOVE this sandwich!"


SOOOOO ....... my question to you is this:

Do you like oatmeal?

Do you like crunchy peanut butter?

Do you like chocolate chips?

Then you are going to LOVE this breakfast!!!

Because I am obsessive (Yes, I need help, but at least I can admit it!), I have eaten this every single day for weeks. Truth be told, I will probably be eating this for weeks and weeks and weeks to come.

1/2 c oatmeal (Old Fashioned), 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, 1 tsp chocolate chips, and 2 packets of sweetener. (I use Truvia.) (I hate that name by the way.... it seriously makes me consider not even buying it.) Cover with water and microwave for 2 minutes.

After you nuke it, put in a tad of milk and stir thoroughly.

You can thank me later for giving you the best breakfast ever.

It's later.

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Sweet Floweret said...

Do you like water? Then you are going to LOVE this oatmeal!

=) If it's Old Fashioned oats and not Quick oats how does it cook in 2 minutes? I'm just asking...

Sounds delicious a cookie or something. Yum!