Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Day of 2010 was rather uneventful as far as the actual day, November 25, 2010. However, Thanksgiving 2010 is also a Thanksgiving I will NEVER forget. You're gonna have to come back tomorrow to read the details of that story. For today, you just get to look at boring old family photos of our time together.

And, for the first time, I will give you a look of my frozen/paralyzed face. I'm not so excited about that. I just know what it's like to be extremely curious and so for those other souls that are extremely curious... I know you want to see. Plus, this blog, it really serves as a journal for me and my family.
Jackson managed to go the majority of the day without a shirt. He said he was hot never mind that is was very cold and very rainy outside.

The cousins and Emme loving on Taffy.

Post dinner conversation.

Adorable Rylan- check out those dimples!

Olivia- exactly 2 months older than Gracie. She's so sweet!

My brother, chewing on the half a toothpick he asked if he could borrow. He also asked me if Taffy liked salt water. It took me a few minutes, but when I got it, my frozen face cracked up!

Get it yet?

Seriously, what is wrong with the people in my family? How hard is to keep your eyes open. (Click here to see last years Thanksgiving pictures and you will understand.)

JoAnna- I think she looks like a precious moment.

Emme and Papaw reading a book.

Taylor obnoxiously kissing her momma!

I wish Shelby would show some expression and personality every once in awhile.

Emme- being flown in the air by Uncle Brandon.

Reide- trying to squeeze the life out of Emme.

Favorite picture of the day- Reide and Gracie.

Uncle Brandon and Emme.

Jackson and Zayne. I think they look alike. Do you? They were born on the same day- 3 years apart.

Playing Bananagrams.

Shelby was thrilled with me and my camera.

I love my tables and I love having 30 people for Thanksgiving! I wouldn't have it any other way.

When we went to get our
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! My brother's family!

I HATE this picture! Me and my paralyzed face. It's a memory, right?

Again, HATE the picture of me, but LOVE Jackson's face!

It was a great Thanksgiving!!!!!


Bonnie628 said...

You look beautiful April! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jenney said...

You look just fine! But I was curious. I love Bananagrams. But no one will ever play with me. Boo.