Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday Janae and I were out running some errands. We were looking at something that Shelby requested for Christmas when all of a sudden Janae looked over and said, "Why do those boots look like they need to be circumsized?"

I was thinking, "What in THE HECK is she talking about?" as I scanned the boots in the store. I didn't want to ask her as I was sure I would know when I saw them. N O W....... this is all happening within a matter of seconds.

So, I continued to scan and when I saw the boots, I literally doubled over in laughter. I didn't think I was going to recover from that one. Sometimes, when I start laughing, I can not be stopped.

However, I recovered enough to take a picture.

I showed Paul the boots when I got home and he said he didn't get it. He also said we were sick. He ALSO said that I couldn't blog about it because discretion is a lost art. I decided it should remain lost AND blog about it anyway.

I'm in trouble.

Next, we were following this car one day.

A cat sitter? Is there really a market for this? If there is, I missed an income opportunity like no other.....BECAUSE...... what in the heck does a cat sitter do? Sit in the house and read a book while the cats go about their business? I mean SIGN ME UP!! Cats are persnickety. They don't like to be bothered. They certainly don't want you to throw a ball or a frisbee to them. They don't need to go out and do their business... they do it in a pan for crying out loud... in the house!! Whoever came up with that one anyway? That is so gross! AND, the last time I checked, cats don't walk on leashes, so that's not part of the job description. But, then again, birds don't usually get walked around neighborhoods in mesh cages either and I got that going on in my neighborhood.

SO, I might want to further investigate before I venture into a new career.

And, that cat sitter lady... she drives like a bat out of HADES too. It was work to catch up with her to take a picture of her car along with her ridiculous license plate that she paid an extra $50 for. Do you know what I could do with that bucks?

I could at least buy some uncircumsized boots!


One day, our family was driving in an unfamiliar area looking for a park where Jackson was supposed to play a soccer game. I was driving while Paul was studying for a talk he had to give later in the day when Jackson spotted 2 people on a bike and yelled "Look!!! 2 hobos riding their bikes!!"

What does it say about my parenting that he called those people hobos? Why did he call them that anyway? Was it because they were in green army type jackets? I was so perplexed and laughing so hard all while searching for a hidden park AND taking a picture of the hobos that I never got to address the whole topic. I was just looking at the pictures on my phone and I thought the world should know that if you wear a green army type jacket... my son just may call you a hobo. So, beware!

I got these shoes for my birthday from Paul. He knew I liked them because a little birdie told him. Now, the consensus among my children and a few of my friends (not the little birdie friend) is that they don't really match my personality. What I hear my children and others saying is, "You are not cool enough to wear those shoes."

I just thought you should see my shoes and judge for yourselves. I'm still wearing them because I do think I am cool enough to wear them. And, in the book of Proverbs there is a verse that says, "As a man (or woman) thinks, so he is." In other words, whatever you think about yourself is how you are... so I am going to go ahead and think that I am hip and cool enough to pull off some sparkly-type of converse shoe.

I might even start wearing them every single day no matter the outfit.


Just some cute pictures of Emme.

This was after trick or treat. She was grapes. I popped her balloons and Paul called her a raisin.

A couple of Friday nights ago, I was sitting in the car with Gracie and Emme while Jackson was practicing soccer. There were some scissors in the car and I decided right then and there that Emme looked like a long-haired chihuahua and that I should cut her hair.

Gracie said, "You are the weirdest mom EVER! Who cuts their child's hair, IN THE CAR, AT SOCCER PRACTICE?" She was really offended by the whole scene.

I cared not.

Emme before school the other day in her NIKES that I got at a Thrift shop and a mini skirt and leg warmers and shirt... passed down from our neighbor.



Jenney said...

Is Emme wearing "BabyLegs"? If so, she just hit the "cool as her mom wearing Converse shoes" mark. Ok, so she was already that cool. She looks cute. And you should sport the shoes. They are cute!

Tony and Rett said...

Dude. How do I even comment?

Cat sitter? You covered it.

Hobos? Note to self, do not wear army green jacket. I'm definitely not cool enough for that.

Sparkly shoes? Um. No comment. heh

Hair cut? In the car? For real? Ok, come do mine next!

Charity said...

Love it. I've been on the chuck fence lately... do i do I not... can I ... can I not... I am thirty... but I like the Proverbs verse. I may claim it and go for it. thanks!