Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Can't Stop Winking at People

SOOOO, I was sick this past weekend. Fever, body aches, stomach "issues", etc... I think I managed to move around the house about 7 pm Saturday night.... and then I laid back down and watched a movie with the kids.

On Sunday after church, Janae's mom very graciously asked me and ALL my kids to go to lunch with her. Actually, I'm not sure if she is kind or crazy. Either way, it was a huge blessing not to have to go home and fix lunch ... because.... Did I mention Paul was out of town all weekend.

Oh yeah!

I was drinking coffee at lunch thinking a) this coffee is terrible and b) my mouth feels kinda weird.

Later Sunday night, I remember thinking, "I can't really taste anything" and I even googled it because I thought it was a bit odd. People talk about not being able to taste when they have a cold, but, I don't have a cold... so I thought I should make a diagnosis/

Then on Monday morning, I was eating my oatmeal... OF COURSE! (Scroll down for my latest food obsession recipe.) and I thought my mouth felt weird. Then I was reading my Bible and I thought, "I don't think I can wink my right eye". I can usually wink both eyes separately. Then all of a sudden I thought, "Bell's Palsey". Don't ask me where that came from.

I looked it up and concluded my diagnosis was indeed correct.

So, I called my friend Janae and I called my friend Donna and they both said I should go to the doctor. I'm big on multiple opinions and an agreement of those opinions and so..... I went to the doctor.

The doctor confirmed my diagnosis. (Dang it! Should have gone to med school.) (My brother, who is a real doctor, told me I was an internet MD. Translation: I got my degree online in 20 minutes.)

Today, I decided Bell's Palsey is really annoying. I hate the name. I'm super dizzy... I can't tell you how many times I have about wiped out. My eye by the end of the day hurts BECAUSE IT'S WORN OUT from being open all day... plus I think the eye ball itself is paralyzed. It took me forever to focus this morning and see straight.

To top it all off, I got an email from a person who is supposed to be my best friend. I was thanking her for knowing what I needed on Monday and she replied by saying:

"I loved that you wanted to be with me and continued to show it by winking at me all the time!"

Who makes fun of someone who can't blink their eye because it's PARALYZED. And, every time I would look at her at our Bible study today, she would wink at me.

So mean.

Then there's my sweet little Jacskson who's teacher sent me a message letting me know that his class was praying for me today. He clearly requested the prayer.

When he walked in from school this afternoon he said, "Hey MOM! Is your face more paralyzed?"

On a positive note, I am VERY thankful it's mild and even more thankful and appreciate of being healthy.

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